How can I assess the value of my property?

The value of ones property is very often determined by your ‘neighbours’. If you are living on a development with similar type of properties, chances are big that re-sales occur. These re-sales will give you a good guideline of what ‘the market’ is prepared to pay for your property.

If you remodelled your property and spend quite a bit money on it, obviously the sales-price could be higher; especially when the remodelling adapts to what the majority of buyers is interested purchase.

Some house-owners spend fortunes on very specific renovations, not realizing that they are creating a product for a “niche market”. In those cases, your market value could even be lower.
Having a ‘unique’ property virtually allows you to ask ‘anything you want’ for your property. Yet, if you become too greedy, you might risk that your property will not sell. In the case you want to sell your property, you should ask an experienced realtor for a second opinion.

Eventually you are in control of the desired sales-price, but it is strongly recommended to listen what realtors have to say. They are the right ones to sell your property.