First of all it is important to familiarize with the region of interest and the lifestyle of Thailand in general. Many property investors simply fall-in-love with Thailand after a couple of holidays in this region of South-East Asia. How to familiarize? It is easier to select the property of your dreams if you would first of all qualify your inquiry: How many bedrooms do you need; what is your budget; what are the areas of interest (make sure you ‘know’ them all); when do you want to purchase (a booming property market changes rapidly, if not on a daily bases); do you prefer a house, condo or land parcel to build; are you looking for own use or an investment? Etcetera, etcetera. Consider to ‘browse’ through the region and visit developments and areas that seem interesting. Probably faster and far more reliable is to engage the help of any professional real-estate agent in town.

It is their expertise of the property market in general and areas in specific that make the difference. Agents do not charge you any fee or commission and are very often able to find you those ‘hidden jewels’ that otherwise slip to your attention.