How do I sell my Thailand property?

Selling of property needs professional assistance from a broker. Of course you can overhear ‘success-stories’ from those that sold their property within minutes enjoying a beer at the bar.

Very often though these stories are fairytales and just happen once in a lifetime. If you are looking for a win-win situation you ask for brokers’ assistance. Selling a property in Thailand is easy. Agents only charge you their fee if they are successful in selling your property. Usual commission is 3% of the contracted sales price, payable at transfer. You may list your property amongst several agents if you want; there is no such thing as an exclusive realtor here in Thailand.

First comes first goes. You should instruct all of them however to list your property for the same sales price. (Some agents try to cheat you and muck-up the price to gain a bigger commission. Beware.) Dedicated agents will appoint you for an inspection of the property before they will list it.


All relevant details of the property will be discussed and you are able to ask for a ‘street-wise’ assessment at the same time. Forget brokers that immediately ask you for your net-net price because chances are that they will play a game between you and a buyer’s bid. Up-selling on their own-behalf is the end-result. It is often up to the discretion of the agent to advertise your property or list it on their website (if they have one). Only if your agent feels that your property is ‘hot’ (sellable) he will probably advertise it. Do not forget that you don’t pay your agent for his marketing efforts. Any inspection with a prospective buyer should be announced by the agent so he is able to access your property in your presence.

If you are not available for inspections you might consider allowing key-access (we never heard of abuse having keys at any agency). If your broker assessed his client properly (qualified); chances are big that he will sell your property. Good luck.