Six Things to Know As a Real Estate Agent in Ho Chi Minh

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As the real estate boom in Vietnam continues to grow each year, being a real estate agent is one of the hottest jobs around. Since a lot of people are trying to sell and buy properties in the country, especially in Ho Chi Minh, the aid of real estate agents is crucial. But what does it like to work as a real estate agent in one of Vietnam’s biggest cities?

1. Ho Chi Minh Real Estate Agent Salary

Ho Chi Min real estate agent salary is affected by a lot of factors. Each sale gives great commissions, which means that an agent can get more money by getting more sales. Real estate companies offer VND 3 Million or around $130 per month plus the commission. The market’s potential right now is great, and real estate agents can earn up to $4,500 per month if they can sell several properties.

2. Social Media Presence Is A Plus

Real estate agents in Ho Chi Minh use every resource they get to earn some properties for sale. Once you become a real estate agent, you must use your social media account to its fullest capacity. Even your profile picture is asked to change if it is not professional-looking enough. It’s a common work belief that professional-looking agents attract more customers.

3. Agents Do a Very Important Role in a Project

According to Tuoitrenews, the success of the majority of the projects rests on agents’ shoulders. If they can reach the quota needed, then the project is considered a success. To become a very successful real estate agent in Ho Chi Minh, you need to have confidence and skills to persuade your customers. A lot of people apply and get accepted by companies even without a degree, as long as they can sell.

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4. You Can Choose From Different Real Estate Companies

There are a lot of real estate agencies in each city of Vietnam. Some of the biggest are international agencies like Colliers and Savills. Each agency has different rules and different quotas. Most often, the companies will offer free training for their neophyte agents. Some would prefer spending that money on reaching out to potential buyers. Each has a different way to sell their properties effectively.

5. Expats Work with Different Agents to Have Better Deals

Expats are one of the largest markets in the Vietnam real estate industry. It’s a common practice for them to opt for agency services as it makes things easier. If you’re an agent, you must work harder because potential buyers will choose the most beneficial offer for them, and hopefully, it’s coming from you.

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6. Most Agents Are Contractors

You can become a full-time agent if you want to, but that might be a challenging aspect financially. Most agents are contractors and have other jobs outside their real estate careers. This way, you can work on other things while working in real estate as a sideline.